When It Rains Purple Tears…

I want to rant and rave and make this all about me and what I am feeling.  But I can’t.  Yes, I’m heartbroken.  Yes, I feel a loss.  But the world has had a loss in the form of Prince.  The world mourns him, the world is heartbroken.  There are those that are going about their days, not understanding this tremendous loss, as they never quite experienced that connection the way in which so many others did.  And that’s okay.  I would not expect them to understand this loss, but I do hope they will respect the feelings and heartache of those of us that did feel that connection.  You see, that’s what Prince did.  He connected.  He connected whether it was through his music, through his thoughts he’d sometimes write and share, through a look, through that energy that was all him.  And if he connected with you, then it was for life.  And if he connected you to someone else, it was for life.

Prince was his music, yes.  There is no denying that he put his everything into that music.  But Prince was so much more than that.  There was a depth to Prince that many seek to find, but never can, and just as easily as he would take a breath, Prince would reach that depth and make you feel it.  And when you felt that depth, you never wanted to leave it, even if it meant drowning it.  Because it was the most delicious, most groovy, most incredible feeling, and there is nothing and no one that can ever make you feel that way, except Prince.

His love for God, for the plight of the world, for the people, knew no bounds.  He cared about us all.  Whether we knew him personally or not.  He was just that sort of soul.  Oh that’s not to say that he couldn’t be very controlling with his music, but he was controlling of his music because he put so much of himself in it.  It was his heart and soul that went into every note, every chord change, every lyric, every silence.  He is music and the space between the sounds.

Prince wanted to see people reach their greatest potential, whatever that potential might contain.  He would often sing about that, about staying in school, about seeking something higher than yourself.  He was always pointing to where we needed to keep our focus, on something higher, on that which is greater.  If I recall correctly, he once said he didn’t want people to worship him, as in being a fanatic about him, he felt our worship should be saved for God, and God alone.  He didn’t like the word “fan” – derived from fanatic, and preferred to call those that loved his music, “fams” – derived from family.

And that is what the purple people are mourning right now.  We are not mourning the loss of just another superstar.  We are not mourning the loss of a musician.  We are mourning the loss of a brother, of a family member.  He was so much more than just his music.  He was a friend, a brother, a teacher, a guide.  He was a prince.


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2 Responses to When It Rains Purple Tears…

  1. Appreciating your post…also in mourning. ❤

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