Beautiful gifts

I received the following gifts on 7/25/16 from a beautiful soul, whom was once with Prince for many years.  The gift included a 1999 Calendar (released in 1998), a love symbol #2 pin, a guitar pick, and a love symbol #1 key chain.  I plan to put these into a shadow box and pass them down to my children.  They are made even more special because of who sent them to me.  I will treasure them always.


Items from Mayte close up (2)

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2 Responses to Beautiful gifts

  1. Zach Hoskins says:

    Love that keychain!

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    • I do, too, and I’ve been trying to find another one online, just to have a timeframe of when they were sold, but haven’t been able to find another one exactly like it. And you can tell the keychain was well-loved by the person that sent it to me, which makes it priceless in my eyes.

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